Family Friendly Parking

Travelling with a family can be stressful at the best of times and this is often compounded when travelling to and from the airport. The build up and then the excitement of the trip away or holiday can often turn in to a disaster with hungry or tired family friendly parking children in tow. Simple tasks like parking the car and walking to the terminal can become a mission.

This is where the family friendly parking comes in to help alleviate the stress of travelling with children. Like the supermarket car parks we have come to know and love, Liverpool Airport have provided the Fast Track Family Car Park that is the answer to those travelling with toddlers, young children and babies.

With extra wide spaces and located far away from the main traffic route, this is an ideal place to park your car and get your family trip of to a good start. With all fast track parking bookings there is an option to get fast track tickets that enable you and your children a swift passage to the departure lounge.

Although this is only a small touch, the family parking is a great touch and is very popular with families. Like all other parking, we advise you to book in advance to get the very best advanced deals and to guarantee your parent and child parking space.