500 Bus Liverpool to Liverpool Airport

A new and improveed fleet of Arriva busses await you on the 500 service that links Liverpool One in beating heart of Liverpool with Liverpool John Lennon Airport.  Traveling along Liverpool South Parkway it offers air passengers a quick and easy link to to main line rail servcies and main bus station on Liverpool.

The busses are decorated it distinctive airport design to make them stand out in the traffic and come complete with leather seats, WiFi and even chargers for mobile devices.  The 500 bus service is a vital link with the rest of the UK and offers a quick and reliable service for both locals and visitors to the city.

Ticket prices start at only £2.30 which is excelent value for a no nonsense mode of transport to the Airport.  The direct servvie takes away any hassle and is easy to use for all people traveling to Liverpool John Lennon from cental Liverpool.

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